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Patricia Nurchandra is an Indonesian-born, New Zealand-based surface designer who has extensive global academic, professional, and travel experience within Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. Educated in The Netherlands, The U.S, and New Zealand with degrees in International Business Management Studies, and in Visual Arts & Design, she has professional background in graphic design, and in retail product management with global brands, before embarking on the path to create her interiors line, Patricia Nurchandra Designs. Her print designs have previously been showcased at the prestigious Première Vision Paris and London Textile Fair, and her textile artwork has been exhibited at Pataka Museum + Art in New Zealand. She has also represented New Zealand at the 2015 Asia Pacific Health Forum through her graphic design work.

Patricia Nurchandra Designs produces exotic contemporary textile and wallpaper based on the archival motifs/prints of Batik - the traditional cloth and textile art form she grew up with. After years of studying textile arts & design overseas, Patricia became aware of the unrivalled decorative quality of Batik as well as the philosophical aspect behind its motifs. She was compelled to take Batik designs to the next level by recreating the motifs and colors using contemporary approach. Her textile & wallpaper line was created specifically for the global home & interior product market where there is currently no dedicated full-collection of batik designs that explore the meanings behind their motifs.

Patricia's Batik designs is a love letter to the magnificent cloth that shaped her work as visual artist & designer. It is also an homage to her native island, Java - the very place in the world where Batik was most developed and evolved throughout its long history.