Behind The Coastal Collection

Behind The Coastal Collection

The Coastal Collection is our debut collection that consists of fabric, wallpaper, and artwork. It is heavily influenced by Batik, which is the core of our design aesthetic. Patricia Nurchandra grew up wearing Batik on special occasions in Indonesia, and she continued being drawn to the decorative quality in its motifs as an adult.

Batik has a very special place in the world of textiles. It finds its most supreme expression in Indonesia, where the Javanese word 'batik' gave it its name. No other cloth in Asia, perhaps in the whole world, contains so much symbolism and so many meanings, expressed in its marvellous colours and designs, and in the way it is made, folded and worn. We are deeply inspired by these symbols, meanings, and philosophies in the Batik patterns, and we draw a lot of references from the shape and details that are in those patterns.

This collection re-imagines the Coastal Batik type (Batik Pesisir) in particular, which originates from coastal areas of northern Java and Madura - areas that were exposed to sea trading and consequently was influenced by cultures from other parts of the world. It was distinguished from the Batik that came from the rest of Java which emanated originally from the keraton, or royal courts, and was fundamentally free from foreign influences. We were drawn to this type of Batik in particular due to the acculturation it has sustained. This reflects Patricia Nurchandra's own journey as an individual and artist who is influenced by many other foreign cultures after years of living overseas. Patricia uses diverse Batik motifs to create a variety of patterns in this collection that are mainly centred around floral motifs. Batik Pesisir's philosophy of using many colours is aligned with Patricia's intention to offer colours that are bold, vibrant, and/or contemporary.

The collection is made up of part I and II. Each consists of 5 designs with two colourways to choose from. These two colourways are divided into cool tones and warm tones. The fabric, wallpaper, and artwork could be matched with each other to create a cohesive interior theme. The designs enhance a space by adding an exotic element, culture, and eclecticism to it. They also encourage you to be bold with your interior choices as well as to create a sophisticated statement.

The type of fabrics currently offered in this collection are Linen, Cotton-Linen, and Half Panama. We will soon also make Velvet Shimmer available for purchase. These fabrics would look very effective on curtains, blinds, chair covers and accessories like cushions and lampshades. They are also good for tablecloths, tea towels, aprons, and bags. 

Our wallpaper is printed on non-woven paper with matte finish and soft, textured surface, and are suitable for both homes and commercial spaces. The paper is sourced from sustainable FSC registered forest, and all inks used during printing are environmentally-friendly water-based inks that do not contain solvents or high levels of volatile organic compounds, and are therefore safe to use in all kinds of interiors settings.

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